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The ScholarIS Mentoring and Career Development Program

The ScholarIS program provides mentorship for upcoming researchers from CAWISA focus countries. ScholarIS aims to equip its scholars to lead as Principal Investigators in writing successful research grants within two to three years of being mentored.

Two candidates were selected per CAWISA country,with a total of eight scholars currently undergoing  mentorship by CAWISA Core and Local Mentors.

The following criteria guide the selection of CAWISA Scholars:

  1. African living and working/training in a CAWISA focus country (non-negotiable).
  2. Have received terminal degree(s) (non-negotiable)
    1. At least one MD/MBBS/MBChB or equivalent medical degree and/or
    2. PhD in any human health field
    3. Dental degree (DDS or equivalent)
    4. Nurse with PhD

Additional Considerations for Selection:

  • Enrolled in a PhD program (in final year of doctorate studies and will be physically in West and Central Africa after completion).
  • Enrolled in Masters’ degree program, having already received at least one terminal degree (i.e. MD, PhD, DDS or equivalent)
  • A or B+ type candidates as evidenced by school achievements/distinctions ( e.g. Summa-, Magna-  or Cum Laude)
  1. Publications

Applicants with at least five manuscripts (not abstracts) published or submitted and under review. Applicants with more first-authored papers have an advantage.

Consideration may be given to the number of abstracts authored and published, and book chapters. No consideration is given to non-scientific writings like blog posts, newspaper articles, unpublished theses or papers still under preparation.

  1. Mentee’s field of study for prior or current degrees – applying scholars are to be engaged in fields of study including, but not limited to the following:
    1. Implementation Research in any field
    2. Infectious Diseases, specifically HIV or TB/HIV
    3. Epidemiology/Biostatistics/Population Studies/Modeling
    4. Maternal and Child Health or Pediatric/Youth studies
    5. Social Sciences/Sociology/Medical Anthropology/Psychology
    6. Health Economics

Pharmacy, Dentistry/Oral Health